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 Brand Research •
 Brand Research •
 Brand Research •
 Brand Research •
 Brand Research •

Brand Audit

For existing brands, our team reviews current assets and content to determine strengths, opportunities, and areas of improvement within the market. We also survey and interview key stakeholders and `customers as needed to clarify brand challenges, goals, and overall direction.

Market Research

In order to better develop a strong identity and position within your market, our team researches industry trends, audiences, and factors external to your business. We then summarize this research and share relevant insights and takeaways.

Competitor Audit

To determine gaps and opportunities, our team researches your top competitors in order to better understand their approach and identify where your brand can gain a competitive edge.

Brand Positioning

Using the brand and competitor audits and market research, we suggest a clear direction for your band that will set your business apart from competitors and help gain interest from your target audience.

 Brand Development •
 Brand Development •
 Brand Development •
 Brand Development •
 Brand Development •

Brand Positioning

During the brand strategy, we align on the overarching positioning. From there, we develop a clear statement or series of statements to best showcase your brand value proposition. Ultimately, this becomes your brand manifesto: all other messaging, guidelines, and other touchpoints stems from this.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging engages your audience in terms that they can understand and communicates your message to the world. We define the fundamental points or pillars that separate your brand from competitors and then create clear messaging that simplifies your brand positioning and services so you – and your customers – can better explain your brand to others.

Brand Voice & Personality

With a clear direction on brand position and messaging, determining a distinct brand voice and personality is the next step for a strong brand identity. This is a core element of your brand to ensure that all communications and collateral remains consistent and easily identifiable. Since brand voice and personality is expressed both verbally and nonverbally, our team develops copywriting and visual examples to clearly express your personality.

 Brand Identity •
 Brand Identity •
 Brand Identity •
 Brand Identity •
 Brand Identity •

Concept Board

In order to clearly demonstrate the direction for a brand’s visual style and overarching brand identity, our team develops two concept directions for your brand. Concept boards incorporate colors, typefaces, logo concept(s), three social posts, business card, website header, OOH ad mockup, and a digital ad mockup.

Logos & Wordmarks

We work with your team to gather feedback and determine the best direction for your logo. Our team then creates a logo or wordmark that best represents your brand and differentiates you from competitors.

Brand Style Guide

The brand style guide defines important visual elements of your brand such as: logo usage and placements; colors; typefaces; any graphic elements or icons; illustration styles; photography, etc. This ensures that all visual touch points of your brand remain consistent and demonstrates how they work together.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines include the style guide’s visual rules, in addition to defining clear standards for how your brand is presented to the world. This includes items such as positioning, messaging, and explanations and examples of tone/voice/personality.

What we do


  • Brand Audit
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Audit
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Voice & Personality
  • Brand Guidelines


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Logo & Wordmarks
  • Art Direction & Design
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Data Visualization

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