Building a brand that can break through the noise

Zylux Acoustic Corporation has long been known for its exceptional quality and unwavering commitment to forging strong partnerships with the biggest names in the audio industry. Despite this, the company has struggled to attract potential clients who opt for less expensive OEM/ODM partners, particularly the growing number of Chinese manufacturers.

To address this challenge, MBA teamed up with Zylux to create a powerful refresh of the brand that would showcase its unique strengths and set it apart from its competitors. The result was a complete overhaul of the brand’s identity, featuring a sleek new logo, a stunning visual system, and a fully revamped website and presentation materials that highlighted the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that Zylux has to offer.


Zylux Acoustic Corporation


Brand Positioning, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, Art direction, Photography, Web Design, Presentation Deck

By expertly aligning Zylux’s messaging, positioning, and visuals to showcase its strengths, MBA has successfully created a brand identity that communicates the company’s value proposition with clarity and power. The new brand is poised to help Zylux connect with potential clients and partners on a deeper level and solidify its position as a leader in the OEM/ODM industry.